Why PosiGen is Not Paying Attention to the Credit Scores of Its Clients

July 28, 2021 0 Comments

When it comes to leasing various products and services by various organizations in the country, the issue of credit history plays a very important part. Every other entity wants to make sure that the credit history has been analyzed to ascertain whether the potential customer has the capability to pay back the associated debts. This is a strategy that every other organization in the country has been incorporating before closing the deal (Activatecp).


However, PosiGen solar power company seems to be coming up with a different leasing strategy that is generally focused on different terms of service. The company does not consider the issue of credit history as something that is important in its leasing or purchasing program. This is an issue that is not practiced by any other organization in the country that has been operating in the energy sector because most of them are only interested in getting profits. The energy industry in the United States has been a sector that has already affected a huge number of customers in the country. According to PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart, most energy organizations have been known to charge huge amounts of money to their clients. That is why most of them have been staying without energy supplies. PosiGen is looking to close this gap by making sure that everyone in the country has the energy they need.


In this program, PosiGen is looking to offer solar panels to most homeowners as the primary source of energy that will cut the exorbitant fees they have been paying to the energy companies. However, the company already knows that such customers will not be able to pay the initial cost of the solar panels, which explains why the organization has been undertaking all the needed operational aspects that involve leasing. PosiGen CEO has explained how the aim of the company is to help low income families save. They achieve this by making solar power affordable and accessible to all. However, the traditional terms of leasing in the country have not always been the best. These terms have been favoring people who have money. It is such individuals who have been able to build a very strong credit score. However, the purpose of PosiGen is to serve the people who have been struggling to handle the cost of energy, which explains why the company is not paying attention to the credit scores of its customers.