Why Does Investor Ryan Kavanaugh Create Triller NFTs?

November 30, 2021 0 Comments

Triller is the second most popular social video app after TikTok in large part to the efforts of super-star investor Ryan Kavanaugh. Using his unique strategies he provides royalty-free music to users and partners up with a variety of celebrities and artists to promote the platform.

Ryan Kavanaugh’s latest strategy to promote Triller involves something known as a non-fungible-token, or NFT for short. NFTs are a form of digital artwork that’s heavily encrypted. This makes it unique and unable to be copied, increasing its value. Though NFTs have been around for almost ten years, they have recently exploded in popularity. This has led to a new strategy that Ryan Kavanaugh is using to take Triller to the next level.

The Genius of Triller NFTs

The concept of a Triller NFT may seem strange, but when you take into account the massive library of music, videos, and still images that Ryan Kavanaugh has access to, it is easy to see why turning them into NFTs is a good idea. While the value of NFTs can change, many of them sell for millions of dollars, making the NFT market similar to the art market.

So far Ryan Kavanaugh has created several Trillre NFTs, such as Jake Paul moving to the ring for his match with Ben Askren, and a performance by Justin Bieber. By creating such high-profile NFts, Jake Paul walking to the ring for his match with Ben Askren bring more attention to the Triller platform so that it can gain new users.

In the end, Ryan Kavanaugh’s NFT strategy will likely pay off big. This is because revenue will be generated not only by the NFTs themselves but by an increased Triller userbase. Such a well-thought-out strategy is nothing new for Kavanaugh as he’s made many smart investments across many industries.