What is It Like Working at Augmedics? Tim Murawski Explains

December 1, 2021 0 Comments

Augmedics firm is a medical device company in the robotics surgery space with a market-leading product. Up to now, we’ve already commercialized our technology, but we need a seasoned leader to expand our brand and take the company to the next level. Tim Murawski: We want to sell our robotic surgical system into hospitals and surgery centers and expand our relationship with software companies. Augmedics is in the process of raising a Series B round, and I’m excited to be working with the team to advance our technologies, operations, and marketing efforts.


Tim Murawski: The firm helps ensure the quality of care by providing an automated, seamless, and continuous “virtual” surgical environment, where surgical nurses, doctors, and medical specialists, surgical assistants, medical students, and the operating room members (OR) team, and medical device operators work together. According to Tim Murawski, it empowers and encourages collaboration in the OR. During his tenure at eClinicalWorks, he managed corporate strategy, operations, and business development for the software company. 


He was directly responsible for marketing, sales, operations, service, and infrastructure. Healthcare expert Tim Murawski: Augmented reality will play an essential role in robotic surgery, but we must first understand its importance and how it will change the current surgical experience for surgeons. AR technology is going to enable surgeons to look inside the body and even outside.


Tim Murawski: Mosaic enables OR teams to access new levels of knowledge and skill by allowing them to visually and automatically prepare and execute surgical procedures in real-time at their facility. Mosaic creates new tools and software in the OR for the benefit of the surgeon, surgeon/operator, and medical staff. Tim Murawski explains how this technology has existed for decades but has been too expensive and specialized in use in most cases. AR has now changed to be relatively affordable and is available for every surgeon. It is available through smart glasses, such as Google Glass, or mobile phone apps on most phones, like Google Tango.