The QNET Company Scam Allegations

June 20, 2021 0 Comments

The economy of the world is growing, and enormous built-up infrastructure and different companies are coming up. As people establish firms, some crooks find their way and sadly scam their clients. Before you carry on with your transactions, you should be extra careful. Many have lost a fortune in the hands of fraudster organizations.

If you doubt a company’s legitimacy, emphasize investigating its authenticity before making any transactional engagement. Conman ship is a risk with hefty cost implications that you can’t just rub off as “inadequate expertise” in a technologically running world. In finance research, banking experts in the United Kingdom revealed that fraud cases linked with Firms amounted to 93 million pounds in 2018.

Fraud is a repetitive risk leading to losses. Thus before you sign an engagement with a Firm, investigate and establish facts before making a choice. In this write-up, we seek to navigate the Background of QNET and offer an open platform of choice answering the big question: Is QNET a real Firm or a Scam? Let’s examine its foundation.

In 1998, two partners, Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark established QNET. During that time, the two served as senior distributors for a direct selling Firm based in America, which launched in the Philippines. Not so long, the company they worked for collapsed, leaving them with thousands of dollars in liability. Armed with experience, they didn’t want to disappoint their already built-up clientele and who trusted them. It’s at this moment that they chose to try their luck in the sector.

At first, the company was known as GoldQuest since they dealt with selling custom-commission gold coins. Later, they changed the name to QuestNet as the Firm soared to E-commerce, and then the Firm’s name shortened to QNET as they ushered in the digital age in 2010.

From a humble foundation, the company stepped up to attract attention in the business sector. Although they operated on a legal business model, some states raised concerns about their quick success. Years later, different authorities accused the Firm of running a Pyramid Scheme. To date, no court holding charges against their operations. Source: