The Life And Work Of Robert K. Kraft

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Robert Kraft, CEO, and chairman of the Kraft Group. This is a variegated company that holds resources in paper and packing, athletics and amusements, real property growth, and a secluded equity portfolio. Apart from this, this renowned entrepreneur is widely known for his National Football League`s New England Patriots shares and Major League Soccer`s New England Revolution.

Robert, having been born in Brookline, is now 80 years old with a lot of accomplishments. He is a stockholder of Viacom and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Robert Kraft acts as a trustee at Boston College and of Columbia University (alma mater) retiree.

In 1959, Kraft graduated from Brookline high school and furthered his education at Columbia University, where he studied under bursary and was an active member in their lightweight football club. He received a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 1965 from Harvard University. He entered into marriage with Myra Kraft, daughter to the late Jacob Hiatt. Robert Kraft was always a football fan even as he grew up and supported the New York Giants.

He started his Professional venture with the Rand-Whitney Group, a company that belonged to his belated father-in-law Jacob. He still stands as the company`s chairperson. In 1972, he invented the International Forest Products, a commerce company of paper products. When the two companies are brought together, they form the most extensive individually owned paper and packing company in the U.S. and always fall among the leading 100 exporters and importers companies and at position 45 in 2005. Visit this page for more information

Robert Kraft went ahead and invested in the telecommunication industry by purchasing a number of Boston radio stations. Apart from being entrepreneurs, Kraft and his wife find joy in giving back to the community and have donated a lot of money to different causes like education, youth sports, healthcare, among others.


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