The Best Solar Solutions: PosiGen

October 6, 2021 0 Comments

Once the inspection is complete, PosiGen project specialists will come to your home and install the electrical panels, wiring, and smart energy devices. This, as required by Insured Renewable Energy (IRE). From there, at PosiGen, their energy savings account specialist will go over all the existing energy usage to help you understand the new values you have and get you set up on their new solar energy system. The solar energy system will allow you to sell excess energy back to their utility at a rate based on energy cost. 


Their team of energy and financial professionals will educate you on the benefits of choosing a PosiGen home project. For more information on their different home energy project options. As a registered B Corp (Benefit Corporation), the solar power company is governed by a team of unpaid volunteers and can offer high-quality, affordable energy and energy efficiency solutions to those in need. To change the way the world views clean energy and help more people to be energy independent, PosiGen will remain one of the best ways for homeowners to accomplish the biggest environmental and financial impact they can with is simple:


A clear PosiGen plan outlining the scope includes completing a project questionnaire, which consists of a financial survey to determine their estimated income and expenses. This information is also used to determine the system that best fits their specific housing situation and budget. Once you submit their household financial information, they will then review their financial and lifestyle goals, the size of their home and energy usage, and more before deciding on the right thing. Upon completing the project, at PosiGen, they manage the installation of their solar, battery, and/or smart thermostat and/or energy-efficient window and door, depending on the specific project.


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