Revolutionizing Classroom for Better Learning Experience with ClassDojo

September 2, 2021 0 Comments

ClassDojo is revolutionizing education by changing the way parents, teachers, and students interact. The classroom communication app has become part of Cindy Price’s teaching experience. The application allows her to interact with parents to post about their kid’s absence from school. It also allows her to read news related to school and makes it easy for her to keep parents updated about their children’s progress in a personalized environment.

 ClassDojo supports personalized avatars used to represent each child. The avatars are rewarded points based on the student’s behaviors, where good behavior gets awarded, and the avatar produces a bright light. In contrast, unacceptable behavior results in a reduction of points. Besides deducting and adding points, ClassDojo allows teachers to share photos of the students with the parents while at school, increasing its interactivity.

Sam Chaudhary, the co-founder, and CEO of the application, believes that the success of ClassDojo can be attributed to its radical approach to solving classroom problems. According to Sam, they opted to go directly to its intended users and provide constant improvement feedback. The strategy proved very successful, which saw the application used by at least 90% of all schools in the US. Globally, more than 150 countries use the application in their classroom. To facilitate its widespread adaptability, the company has translated the application into over 30 languages.

Estimates indicate over 10 million K-8 children use ClassDojo daily. For teachers like Price, the application has significantly improved her teaching experience. She indicates that most teachers and parents at Southern Elementary use the application. The company has in recent years been looking at the prospect of subscription-based content to complement its free services and raise revenue. The subscription model will allow parents to invest in their children’s education by providing resources not provided in their school curriculum. The company currently has 30 employees and operates from San Francisco.

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