PubNub: The New ClassDojo Virtual Classroom Management Tool

November 10, 2021 0 Comments

Research shows that several teachers spend most of their time assessing the behavior of their children rather than teaching. Through the invention of a virtual classroom called ClassDojo, teachers can know the welfare of their students and help transform them. The tool has also helped streamline the duties of teachers.

ClassDojo makes it easier for instructors to award their learners with points if they show good behavior and subtract points if they show negative behavior. Through mobile or web devices, learners manage to know whether they are improving or continuing to dwindle gradually in performance.

Real-time has proved to be integral to ClassDojo. Devices in the classroom need to have reliable real-time for effective communication. This is especially important in learning institutions where communication is an issue. The devices should manage to send signals to each other enhancing communication. This also ensures that students’ attention is not altered or interfered with.

ClassDojo has also had several issues that PubNub has solved. The problem it has helped solve concerns build vs. buy. PubNub helps reduce the cost incurred in building and maintenance of in-house solutions. The technology helps speed and enhance real-time communications for thousands of its customers globally.

The firm’s managerial team confirms that the technique helped its workers concentrate on business development and success and reduced the cost spent in doing real-time work. PubNub is a solution by ClassDojo that has helped streamline operations and communication. Several institutions, organizations, and schools using old version browsers, outdated firewalls, servers, and networks have decided to implement the PubNub solution, which has proved to be integral to their success and streamlining activities within the firm. However, WebSockets’ research proves that only 50% of schools can implement real-time features in their networks, and the remaining 50% are unable.