Mark Hauser’s Intensive Interview: A Voice Actor

September 30, 2021 0 Comments

Mark Hauser is a renowned actor with roots in America and Canada. However, the voice actor is a Michigan native whose majority of his time was spent in the Great Lakes. Mark Hauser lives in Canada’s Montreal together with his loved ones.

Hauser has formed a perfectly rounded career since 1996 and is both a voice and an on-screen actor. Mark Hauser has a neutral accent as well as the capacity to apply different American dialects, therefore, opening several opportunities in his career.

Mark has been recognized for the exclusive dramatic roles and the Actra Honor Nominee has succeeded in the entertainment realm. Mark has improved his analysis skillsets and his focus has facilitated him to develop better characters who introduce better dimensions in every narrative.

Mark Hauser’s acting talents have been applied to several animated and live TV series together with other films. Mark has also gained a unique portfolio of making business voice-overs as well as story demo projects. Hauser’s roles have been appearances with famous actors like Jennifer Hewitt, Michael Madsen as well as Nathalie Zea.

Mark also played a crucial SAHARA role, a new Netflix movie. Similar to other creative lots out there, Hauser maximizes the spare time relishing an unrelated hobby. Mark Hauser is a proven problem solver and he works on troubled circuit boards. Mark also likes renovating the pinball machines to reinstate their flash glory.

Hauser is always motivated by how actors manage to embark on a journey with the audience. This story happens in a defined town or city or even in a different nation many years ago. Alternatively, the scriptwriters contrived up the experiences to invent the globe and all the contents.


The audience is brought on board once every character is capture and actualized into the narrative. In a single day, anything that Mark does is driven by acting commitments.