Latest SeaWorld News 2021

June 20, 2021 0 Comments

In the midst of a pandemic beginning early in the 2020 year all places and theme parks alike had a rule of wearing a mask. Refusing to do so would be cause for immediate removal. SeaWorld Orlando and SeaWorld Antonio are now announcing they are lifting the mask policy. There new policy states that guests who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to come into the park mask free. They won’t ask for the proof of being fully vaccinated but ask all of their visitors to comply with their new policy in respectful manners. The SeaWorld employees will still be required to wear their facial coverings for protection.

They put the safety of the guests and animals as a number one priority. SeaWorld Orlando mostly takes place in an outside scenery, but it is still a huge leap for the theme park. The SeaWorld San Diego still requires guests to wear masks as the state mandates the facial coverings. However, they are now letting the out of state guests that are fully vaccinated into the park unlike before. In the near future, as the pandemic falls into the least restrictive tiers there will be more mask mandates lifted and more policy updates.

The lifted mask mandates aren’t the only news SeaWorld is releasing. SeaWorld Orlando has released the manatee named Chessie back into the wild. When SeaWorld found Chessie he was floating in an odd manner, so they took him in for rehabilitation and found he had pneumonia and was emaciated. They treated his pneumonia with a nebulizer that released antibiotics straight into his lung’s because the injectable medicine was not responding. After a successful treatment, he was released back into the wild on Tuesday May 11th at North Palm Beach. Connect: