Joseph Ashford’s Unconventional Childhood Did Not Deter His Massive Accomplishments in The Business World

September 28, 2021 0 Comments

Joseph Ashford is one of the global entrepreneurs that has continually thrived in the business world. Joseph  had an unconventional and extremely difficult childhood, he lost his mother, father, and sister in a short span. However, his childhood did not deter him from excelling in his career. Joseph Ashford strongly believes that the numerous adversities and challenges significantly helped him shape the person he is today. Before he founded K4 Global, Joseph worked in several industries where he gained massive experience in strategic marketing. The London-based entrepreneur has since become a guru at helping small-scale businesses achieve notable growth through offering scalable solutions.

In his quest to see numerous business growth, he offers some of his sure-fire tips. Joseph Ashford advises that content management is very essential for any business. The London-based businessman asserts that if one needs to remain competitive, they must invest in a web that will draw a majority of customers. Another useful tip as depicted by the founder of K4 Global, Joseph Ashford is knowing your audience. Joseph notes that this is a very essential part that strategic marketing critically focuses on. He asserts that businesses should invest in tools that will help one in knowing the people who visited their website.


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Joseph Ashford depicts that being social is another crucial part of strategic marketing. The London-based entrepreneur asserts that social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook provide an interactive platform for one’s clients regardless of their geographical location. However, Joseph Ashford asserts that one should use strategies like links that attract readers who will eventually share, like, and relentlessly perform other boosting actions. K4 Global is a true reflection of Joseph’s expansive career and expertise. The firm under the leadership of Joseph is well versed in matters related to media cutting across both film and music undertakings.

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