How to Improve Low-Income Situations: James Gutierrez, Founder of Launch Academy, has a Plan

July 20, 2021 0 Comments

James Gutierrez is working to correct the issues facing this generation by forming development projects like Farm to You, a local nonprofit with the goal of providing a surplus of local fruits and vegetables to impoverished neighborhoods in Chicago. In this capacity, Gutierrez’s main goal is to help alleviate the burden of interest fees associated with this year’s cripplingly high cost of college by providing students with the necessary funds.

James Gutierrez is an author, scholar, and entrepreneur who founded Elevate Economic Development International to provide solutions that increase community inclusion. James Gutierrez has been quoted and consulted for major publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, and CNN, and he has published academic articles and research. He is likewise a frequent contributor and speaker on issues of poverty, homelessness, education, and social justice.

James Gutierrez spearheads the goal of providing local businesses with access to career training and the ability to obtain social services, aims to reduce poverty and homelessness in targeted neighborhoods, and to help stabilize families and provide economic opportunities. Gutierrez specializes in delivering client-focused, holistic wealth advisory services in an environment where people of color can feel safe and comfortable sharing their personal circumstances. He works with individuals and families who have had decades of career and life challenges, and helped former professional football players in the National Football League achieve financial freedom in their later years.

James Gutierrez’s work as a wealth advisor has allowed him to build a legacy around ensuring that the elderly have access to safe, reliable transportation. In 2015, Gutierrez made the decision to switch from full-time work as an attorney to pursue his vision as a financial adviser and real estate investor, creating a new company called Solutions to America’s Wealth. The company creates, consults, and oversees development of better and happier lives.

James Gutierrez said, “Wealth is not going to repair the problems that plague poor communities, but we know that showing our viewers their wealth will help generate solutions to address issues that plague the communities that need it the most.” “One of the problems that our country has been struggling with for decades is the need for well-paying jobs and the constant fight to achieve equal access to the American Dream. We all know someone who has been affected by a broken educational system or not having enough money to afford a quality education.”