Hawkers President Alejandro Betancourt Provides Insight of His Success

August 13, 2021 0 Comments

Hawkers is an international sunglass company known for high-quality, affordable, and durable sunglasses. It has created a reputation for the best sunglasses, competing with top brands like D&G, though its prices are 80% off. Interestingly, this sunglass company didn’t start as a fashion company. The owner wanted to create a Spanish version of Craigslist and was sourcing funds by selling California sunglasses. It got a preference from nay clients that the company remained to sell sunglasses.

Hawkers had a fine start but faced challenges of funds. Various investors came to its rescue. They contributed about $56 million to help it grow. One of the concerns was the company’s expansion to produce more sunglasses that would meet the growing demand. Alejandro Betancourt was one of the investors that participated in the resurrection. He later added over $20 million to make him the president of the company. Since his takeover, the sunglass company has experienced tremendous changes.

Alejandro Betancourt is an experienced entrepreneur. He manages other companies he founded, including the O’Hara Administration. Also, he has a history of managing thriving companies. As such, he brought in his leadership and managerial skills to help bolster Hawkers. Besides expansion, he improved the company’s marketing strategies. He embraced Facebook marketing. It is an era when many people use social media platforms, and this was an easy way to get more leads.

Also, Alejandro Betancourt used ambassadors to promote the sunglasses. He looked for those who have a passion for sunglasses. He hired artists, musicians, actors, and influential people who had many followers on their social media platforms. They would wear the sunglasses and post on their social media platforms. College students had ambassadors too. The incentive was winning place and event tickets. Also, Alejandro Betancourt has never been rigid with his strategies. Whenever he finds one not practical, he quickly switches to another.