Hauser Private Equity Locks-In Deal with Igloo Coolers

October 18, 2021 0 Comments

Hauser Private Equity solidified their acquisition of Igloo Coolers, the largest manufacturer of insulated coolers in North America. Mark Hauser bought out Domestic Group’s majority stake in Igloo to acquire 100% ownership. This deal is expected to open up new markets for both companies, and Hauser expects it to result in a dramatic increase in Igloo’s sales. Hauser also sees potential for Igloo to make inroads overseas. Hauser is a private equity firm that operates out of Houston with about $2 billion worth of assets under its control. Hauser stated they were pleased to purchase the majority stake in Igloo, bringing it back into the Hauser family after Hall Hauser’s previous sale. Hauser is hopeful that the Igloo brand will receive a boost due to Hauser’s resources and experience. Igloo was originally founded in 1967, but Hauser bought it in 1984 before selling it off in 1990. Hauser hopes this acquisition will open up potential new markets for Igloo, such as India and China. Hauser also stated that Hauser has no intention of changing the way Igloo conducts business. Igloo was founded by Hall Hauser in 1967, who started selling soft-sided coolers door to door in Texas.

Hauser Private Equity Hauser’s seasoned managers target upwardly trending businesses in several verticals. Desirable sectors include healthcare, consumer goods, business services, financials, and industrials markets. Hauser’s many years of experience in private equity will give Hauser the leadership needed to help Igloo continue its growth over the coming years. Hauser Private Equity is a Cincinnati-based hybrid private equity fund management firm. Hauser was founded in 2008 as an outgrowth of Hauser Capital Partners, a highly successful Hauser firm. Hauser Private Equity focuses on direct co-investments in the lower-middle to the middle-market range. Hauser often forms collaborative partnerships with control buyout funds, and other beneficial partners include managers of growth equity or subordinated debt funds. Hauser’s long track record of completing transactions in these areas has served Hauser well

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