Edgard Corona Spearheads the Growth of Smartfit

October 4, 2021 0 Comments

SmartFit’s CEO, Edgard Corona, is currently the outspoken executive and entrepreneur in the fitness industry. SmartFit’s establishment, under Bio-Ritmo group, was his brainchild. SmartFit is a fitness conglomerate that utilizes technology to connect with millions of students globally. The Brazilianentrepreneur was born in 1958.

From Edgard’s leadership prowess, the two ventures have recorded tremendous growth in recent years. In 2017, the two investments made a profit of R$1 billion from their 480 gyms countrywide. His competitors describe him as passionate, aggressive, and visionary.

Previously to this investment, Edgard Corona had no knowledge of the fitness industry. The chemical engineering graduate, Edgard Corona, had only experience working for their family-owned sugar mills. With resilience and passion for learning and fitting in the fitness industry, he established the Smart-Fit as part of São Paulo’s Bio Ritmo venture.

In what most viewed as a replacement of Bio Ritmo Group with Smart-Fit, the idea materialized. Currently, the venture dominates in Latin American countries, especially Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Colombia. It has more than 1.6 million active participants.

The venture started with inadequate funding. Edgard had to take up some loans. He also sold some properties to keep the venture running. From 2010, numerous partners came in to fund the venture, ending its financial crisis. However, the company operated on a low-cost formula. From 2017, the company decided to partner with suppliers to provide its students with gym clothing and food supplements.

The Brazilian entrepreneur took advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic to expand its services. SmartFit successfully continued to grow. With 365 Brazilian units, 53 are located in the metropolis. The network has become the most extensive network in Latin America.

The 1956-born entrepreneur, Edgard Corona, currently lives in Jardin. Edgard is a family man, married to Soroya Corona, with two twins. However, he has three more children with his former partner, Eliana Ferraz. Edgard Corona’s: Facebook Page.