Dick DeVos Makes His Community Better

September 23, 2021 0 Comments

A community is so many things to so many people. For one man, Dick DeVos, community is where he finds his world and the things he cares about most. This means that he has been able to be part of something that is much larger in every way. He has been in his community to push for changes of all kinds. In his view, communities benefit from having someone who can see the larger picture. That is him and his understanding of the matters that he makes his own. Dick DeVos is very confident that he can make the world a better place when he stands up and speaks out. He is also very confident when he can say something that people can hear. For him, this is the real power behind his words. He is someone who is confident in his work and confident in his ability to push for huge changes.


Grand Rapids


Grand Rapids is one place that Dick DeVos has chosen to make his own in so many ways. This large community is where many people in the area head when they want to get things done. That is why Dick DeVos has spent a lot of time thinking about ways that this community might be a better place. He has repeatedly given to charity over the years. For example, he has donated a lot of money to a children’s hospital. He has done so in the name of his late mother. He wants people to remember what Helen DeVos did to help people in her community. Donating funds to the children’s hospital is an example of the kinds of ways that Dick DeVos has done a lot to make it better. Many people appreciate his devotion to this very fine city in Michigan.