Andrew Frame: Customer Service Representative at Pearson

December 17, 2021 0 Comments

Andrew Frame, the creator of Citizen App, has been a customer service representative at Pearson for four years. He is committed to helping students succeed, and is always looking for ways to improve the product he provides for them. When he is not working, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family, taking walks in nature, and playing with his dog Lucy.

Career and Education Background

Andrew Frame was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He received his degree in business management from Franklin College. After graduating with his bachelors in 2011, Andrew moved to Denver where he began working with Pearson as a customer service representative.

Pearson at a Glance

Pearson is a multinational education publishing and assessment company headquartered in London, England. The company has operations in more than 70 countries and provides products and services to schools, colleges, and students in over 180 countries. Pearson is the world’s largest education company by revenue.

Andrew Frame’s Duties

Andrew is a customer service representative, which means he helps students and teachers with issues related to textbooks or homework. He works with the company’s website, email system, ebooks, and other products. Andrew also provides product information so that teachers have access to information about books they are using in the classroom.

How Andrew Frame Helps Students

Andrew Frame is passionate about helping students succeed. He takes the time to listen to their concerns and find solutions that work for them. He also educates students on how to use Pearson’s products, so they can be successful in their studies.

Outside of Work

In his free time, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family, taking walks in nature, and playing with his dog Lucy. He is committed to staying active and tries to eat healthy.

Staying Current on the Latest Education News

Andrew keeps up with current events in education through various news outlets like USA Today and The New York Times. These sources help him stay informed on the latest trends in education, so he can better assist his customers. Refer to this page for additional information.


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